Interested in custom wedding jewelry? 

I love creating jewelry for couples and bridal parties. Let's work together to create a beautiful symbol of your lifelong commitment! 

The design process starts with five words about what makes the couple unique; things you love to do, places you go, where you fell in love, and what carries meaning in your lives. My goal is to get to the core of your relationship and to the mushy love.  

I look for symbols, imagery, and layers to weave together to create a design that is truly unique. The rings become part of your story. I love the process because it asks you and your loved one to pause and really consider your core values and the crossover that has brought you together.  

After I learn more about you, I will create a series of sketches. You will then look through the drawings to see what really resonates and what needs to be refined. The process allows you to become a part of the process. Each piece is truly forged with love! 

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Make it an experience! 

I offer workshops for couples looking to create their rings from scratch. During our Lovely Rings By Hands workshop I will teach you and your partner how to fabricate a simple band from gold or platinum.

This creative session will be fun and memorable. Come work in the studio and make your rings become a part of your wedding story! 

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