Heidi's Signature Cut-Out Pieces

Something that makes Heidi's jewelry unique is the image she draws and then handsaws out of the back of her gemstone-focused jewelry. This peek-a-boo moment in her jewelry allows for the stone to shine through her inspiration of the land, sky, and sea that surround us. 

Land Cut-Outs

Site Item: Malachite Landscape Earrings with Leaves on Back

This malachite stone looks so similar to a leaf that the cut-out just makes sense. We offer this piece in a few other sizes as earrings and pendants. They can be worn together or separately. Either way, these make a beautiful statement. 

Site Item: Jasper Landscape Earrings with Trees on Back

The landscape jasper that peeks through the trees' cutouts gives a rustic, natural feel to the cut-out from the back of the earrings. 

Sky Cut-Outs

Site Item: Turquoise Pendant with Moon and Stars on Back

Heidi captured a beautiful night scene on the back of this beautiful turquoise pendant. The moon and stars that...

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