Holiday Market at Heidi Lowe Studio

 Come shop with us! 

Beautiful, unique, handmade jewelry pieces will be available at our Holiday Market.  Each member of the Heidi Lowe team: Alex Page, Amanda LaVonne, and Heidi Lowe; and guest jewelers, Aimee Petkus and Anna Vlahos will showcase a selection of her work. There will be a wide variety of jewelry to choose from that will make perfect gifts for all the special people on your holiday lists. 

“I’m so excited about the Holiday Market to make new pieces of mine and other artists’ work available to customers and to be able to offer a fun, unique, safe holiday shopping experience to buy handmade jewelry by local artists.”  -Heidi Lowe


December 10th, 12-8 pm
December 11th-23rd, 10-4 pm
December 24th, 10-2 pm

Open for shopping by appointment, curbside pick up, and for private and group classes at 17522 Ward Avenue #2, Lewes, DE

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Enlightenment | Stacey Lee Webber

This classically inspired collection was designed using unique freshwater pearls, hand sawn vintage silver coins featuring Lady Liberty, and 14 karat vermeil.

Stacey Lee Webber was born in Indianapolis, IN, in 1982. She received her BS at Ball State University, Muncie, IN, (2005) and her MFA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (2008). In 2009, she was awarded a yearlong residency at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, IL. In order to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time artist, she later moved to Philadelphia, PA., where after four bustling years of teaching while working as a production jeweler, her dream came to fruition in 2015. Webber's work pushes the boundaries of everyday recognizable objects to the point of unidentifiable. Through material, she strives to make artwork that challenges viewers’ preconceived notions of the objects that surround them.

  • Heidi Lowe Gallery328 Rehoboth Avenue, ...
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Mineral Instincts | Aimee Petkus & Anna Johnson

AIMEE PETKUS "My background in geology combined with my desire to create, manifests itself in the work that I make. I take the unique, magical, and mesmerizing world of rocks, gems and minerals, and present them in a way that sparks a curiosity in the stones that are being worn. I am inspired by the vast canvas nature provides, where one will find geometric patterns, order and repetitive elements along with haphazard, disordered chaos. I combine geometric and organic forms to show the duality of art and science within my life, but also to mimic these juxtapositions as found in nature."


ANNA JOHNSON “Through adornment I strive to highlight the incredibly high value of nature. Jewelry has provided me with a platform to interpret a survey of plant and animal life mixed with gems and minerals in a way that creates a direct and intimate connection with its viewers and wearers. As an artist my intention is to create soulful pieces that present nature in an...

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Subtle Fictions | Alexandra Hopp & Lydia Martin


  • Heidi Lowe Gallery 328 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE
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