Heidi's Signature Cut-Out Pieces

Something that makes Heidi's jewelry unique is the image she draws and then handsaws out of the back of her gemstone-focused jewelry. This peek-a-boo moment in her jewelry allows for the stone to shine through her inspiration of the land, sky, and sea that surround us. 

Land Cut-Outs

Site Item: Malachite Landscape Earrings with Leaves on Back

This malachite stone looks so similar to a leaf that the cut-out just makes sense. We offer this piece in a few other sizes as earrings and pendants. They can be worn together or separately. Either way, these make a beautiful statement. 

Site Item: Jasper Landscape Earrings with Trees on Back

The landscape jasper that peeks through the trees' cutouts gives a rustic, natural feel to the cut-out from the back of the earrings. 

Sky Cut-Outs

Site Item: Turquoise Pendant with Moon and Stars on Back

Heidi captured a beautiful night scene on the back of this beautiful turquoise pendant. The moon and stars that take up the back of the turquoise make you feel like you are stargazing on a cloudless night.

Site Item: Jasper Landscape Earrings with Moons on Back

If you are looking for cut-outs that are less bold, these are the earrings for you. The dainty little moons still give these landscape jasper earrings that special "Heidi touch."  

Sea Cut-Outs

Site Item: Opalized Wood Pendant with Dolphin with Splash on Back

Most of the sea cut-outs feature opalized wood because of how similar the stone's coloring is to the ocean. This opalized wood pendant features a sweet cut out of a cute dolphin playing in the water. So adorable!

Site Item: Opalized Wood Dangle Earrings

Following the theme of opalized wood and sea creatures, these dangle earrings have octopus cut-outs that take up the entire backside of the earring. The detail of each tentacle adds such a different element to what could have been such a simple earring. 

These cut-outs are Heidi's way of adding her own spin to different pieces of jewelry. Feel free to stop by the gallery and check out the other various cut-out pieces we have on display!







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