Heidi’s Favorite Things Gift Guide

holiday ideas Dec 02, 2022

Handmade in Her Studio and by Local Artists

Happy Holidays! Heidi has selected her roundup of perfect gifts for her 2022 list of Favorite Things. Shop all of her official holiday picks here.

Connected Hearts Necklaces
There are so easy to wear but full of meaning, intended to convey connection and love. The hearts can symbolize the number of family members, grandkids, teammates, years of sobriety or of being in remission, anniversaries...or whatever your heart’s desire  💕🧡

Yellow gold hearts with silver chain, available in various lengths and number of hearts, and we have bracelets and earrings too. 

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All Around Turquoise Necklace
Who does not love turquoise?! It makes me feel like summer all year round. Each unique piece of turquoise is hand set into sterling silver and connected together into this All-Around Turquoise Necklace. It all-around beauty for every day, season and special occasion!

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Liana Gold Oval Chains
These chunky chains are from the Liana Collection, which is intended to represent and honor the resilience in each of us. This collection was inspired by the liana vines I saw while traveling. I was initially drawn in by the beauty of their continuous lines, twists, and curves. What really resonated with me was what they symbolize: the incredible power of nature and its ability to grow, thrive and expand despite any obstacles. 

White Gold Bracelet
Yellow Gold Bracelet
White Gold Necklace
Yellow Gold Necklace

OTHER AMAZING GIFTS by Local Artists and Art Kits from DAC
Stem and Soul Paper
Stem and Soul Paper is my go to for unique, whimsical cards that have a sense of humor and artful illustrations and calligraphy.  It is an independently owned stationery brand created by local Mallory Wierzbicki. These are perfect for every occasion!

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Laura Erikson's Paintings @lauraericksonart
Laura’s paintings of local landscapes are contemplative works that draw you in to the serenity and stillness of the moments she beautifully captures. 

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DAC’s Out of the Box DIY Art Projects
Developping Artist Collaboration makes Out of the Box DIY Art Projects for kids and adults. Their Acrylic Pour Kits come with all the essentials to create your own art object with a colorful marbalized surface. Customers can choose from over 30 wood shapes options, pick 3 colors and DAC will pack them with the other necessary tools and materials for your very own custom kit.

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