Pop-Up Exhibition during NYCJW

earrings galore Oct 20, 2022

November 15th-19th, open daily 12-6 pm 
251 Elizabeth Street, NYC during NYCJW
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 15th, 6-8 pm
Happy Hour Reception: Friday, November 18th, 6-8 pm

We are participating in NYCJW (New York City Jewelry Week) by showing a Pop Up Earring Galore Exhibition. Earrings Galore, is an annual juried exhibition, exemplifying a rich and diverse array of earrings made by emerging and established studio jewelers. Each artist’s unique approach to the earring format will be represented in a cohesive grouping of earrings. The exhibition is intended to create more access for the public to see art jewelry, cultivate connections with the community and provide an opportunity for visitors to add new pieces to their jewelry collections.

“We are so excited to bring the new Earrings Galore Exhibition to New York City in person after a three year hiatus! We can’t wait to get the community back together and to introduce the show to new people!” - Heidi 

The Earring Galore Pop-Up Exhibition is just one of many exhibitions, events and programs that will be occurring during NYCJW this year which is November 14th-20th in Manhattan and Brooklyn. NYCJW encompasses every aspect of the jewelry world including contemporary exhibitions, cultural centers, historical institutions, education, jewelry boutiques and fashion. For the schedule and more information, you can visit https://nycjewelryweek.com.

Adam Atkinson, Angela Bubash, Ashley Buchanan, Ausra Bankauskaite, Ayala Naphtali, Caroline  Gore, Claire Webb, Constanza Nolé, Corey Drew, Danielle Attoe, Dongyi Wu, Donna Veverka, Elizabeth Walton, Emily Lewis, Emily Rogstad, Erica Bello, Erika Novak, Jamie Bennett, Jenne Rayburn, Jennifer Moore, Jess Sprunger, Jim Cotter, Jina Seo, Kamile Staneliene, Karen Karon, Margaux Lange, Marianne Anderson, Mary Raivel, Morgan  Hill, Nikki  Couppee, Olga Marques, Olivia Rosenberger, Sandra Enterline, Sarah Chapman, Sarah Holden, Seth Papac, Sharon Massey, Stacey Lee  Webber, Taylor Fentz, Tracy Steepy, Vershali Jain, Ye-Jee Lee


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