Bring Abundance into Your Creative Life! 

Feeling lost financially? Not sure how to turn your passions into your career? I've been there!

I have worked as an artist and gallery owner for over ten years now.  I understand the challenges that come along with running a creative business. That's why I help creative business owners, like you, develop the life and business you truly want. 

Living an abundant life requires you to do inner work! And trust me, it's worth the effort! 

That's why I created Abundance for Creatives! A course designed to help you identify what is holding you back in your creative journey. My goal is to teach you how to do the inner work required to create the financial freedom you desire. After completing this course, you will have more clarity and be ready to move forward with momentum. 

The course will be available for download April 1, 2021. 




  • Create a Money Mindset
  • Instructional Videos 
  • Printable Worksheets 
  • Guided Money Meditation 
  • Creative Exercises
  • Move at Your Own Pace 
  • Lifetime Access

Are You Ready to Turn Your Passions into Profits?

Abundance for Creatives is an online course filled with instructional videos, printable worksheets, and the guidance you need to create a money mindset! By the end of the course you will feel ready to overcome your fears and fulfill your creative vision. 


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