Stop Second-Guessing How to Price Your Artwork.

Learn how to price confidently and keep your art business profitable.

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Stop Second-Guessing How to Price Your Artwork.

Learn how to price confidently and keep your art business profitable.

Are you spending too much time worrying about how to price your work and what’s in your customer’s pocket?

This is one of the most common mistakes I see other creative business owners making when they start selling their artwork — it was one that I made early on, too!

What you charge for your artwork has very little to do with what your customer can afford. I realized this when I stumbled across a calculator tool for a different industry. I adapted it to my art business, and understanding my real hourly wage was MIND. BLOWING. 

But once I started applying my perfect hourly wage in my business, it began being profitable!

I know how hard it can be to accurately price creative work, which is why I’m sharing this tool to help creatives like you find the hourly wage you need to charge to earn a sustainable living from your current creative work and commissions. 

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Abundance for Creatives Calculator

Know your perfect hourly pricing and build a thriving, successful art business.

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The Abundance for Creatives Calculator:

Helps you calculate your perfect hourly pricing
no more guessing if you’re charging too much or too little!)

Understand the important costs of doing business you may be leaving out.

Shift your mindset from what customer’s can afford to the value you’re providing.

Stay abundant in your creative business knowing the real numbers you need to make a profit!

I want to know my perfect price!

Hi, I’m Heidi Lowe

I have worked as an artist and gallery owner for over ten years and get that running the numbers can be a painful part of owning a creative business. Knowing your numbers and how to charge your worth is the first step in continuing to build a successful and abundant business around creating what you love!

When I first started, I constantly had that little voice in my head asking, “Can I really charge this much for doing something I enjoy this much?” 

That's why I created this easy-to-use, yet eye-opening tool to help creative business owners, like you, learn the real hourly rate to start charging for their work and keep their creative business thriving.

Living an abundant life requires you to do inner work … and trust me, it's worth the effort! So get started today with the Abundance for Creatives Calculator tool, and start charging confidently for your creative work.

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